North Sea Cheese 
Hard Cheese 

Winner of Danish Gourmet Award 2008

All the milk for this cheese comes from 18 Thise farmers all situated close to the North Sea. The cheese is produced at Thise Dairy and is stored very close to the sea in a storage facility. The salty wind you always find at the North Sea is coming into the facility through an advanced ventilation system, and is one of the things, which makes this cheese so very special. 

The North Sea Cheese is stored min. 30 weeks. 
48% f.i.d.m. 

Lighthouse Cheese 
Hard Cheese 

Specially selected by our master cheesemaker

Thise’s ”North See Cheese” won the “Mejeribrugets Gourmetpris” in 2008 and now, almost a decade later, we have launched the extramature variant, Lighthouse Cheese, which won “Mejeribrugets Gourmetpris” in 2017 and 2018. 

The North Sea Cheese is matured for min. 30 weeks. The Lighthouse Cheese is matured for at least 52 weeks. The extra maturing time results in a more concentrated taste and texture: It is tastier – the texture is firmer – it is more North Sea! 

48% f.i.d.m. 

Bernstein Grubé Cheese 
Cave ripened Cheese 

With a deeper and more distinctive taste

“Bernstein” means amber in English, and ”Grubé” is a cave, and that´s basic what the cheese is: an Amber cheese which is ripened at an old limestone cave in the small town of Hjerm, Denmark. The humidity within the cave means, that the taste is significantly different that the normal Amber cheeses stored at our dairy. The cheese is softer, due to the fact that the water do not evaporate to the same extent as normal, and the taste is deeper, more distinctive and richer. 

The cheese is stored for approx. 20 weeks.
48% f.i.d.m. 

Thise Butter
Slightly salted – unsalted 


Producing a packet of ordinary butter takes less than 5 minutes; how-ever, at Thise Mejeri, we spend more than 24 hours on the production! 

Our butter is produced according to recipes which are more than 100 years old. First, the milk is centrifuged to separate the cream from the butter milk and the cream is then soured and fermented. This takes almost 24 hours. 

We deliver our own Thise Dairy brand in Denmark and Germany as well as private label to customers in Denmark, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Coop Denmark is our biggest customer with three private label brands of their own.

Thise Butter
Slow food 

24-hour fermentation

Once the fermentation process is complete, the butter is churned. This is done in either one of Thise’s two churns or in a production process, during which the soured cream is continuously “agitated”. 

A bit like when cream is being whipped with a whisk/mixer and you whisk for just a little too long – and then the first lumps of butter are created. 

Churning or “whisking”? That part of the process is less important; the most important part is the 24-hour fermentation of the cream. 





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